Evenflo Advanced Disposable Nursing Pads (Count, 60)

$14.86 USD

Evenflo Advanced Disposable Nursing Pads are designed with optimal material for best in class absorbency and performance, providing the comfort and convenience you deserve in breast pads. A comfortable material coupled with a compact and slim design allow for discreet, silent movement under your clothing to keep you comfortable wherever you are. Evenflo Feeding designed these pads with imprinted channels and an absorbent inner lining which draws milk across the breast pads and away from the nipple to help keep you dry day or night. The outer layer provides a leak proof effect to keep clothes dry, yet gives breathable feeling. Two adhesive strips keep these pads in place for all day use. You can use them with regular or nursing bras. Simply peel and stick and you're ready to go! Evenflo Feeding's disposable nursing pads are individually wrapped to keep clean and for on-the-go convenience. This product is gentle on sensitive skin.

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