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INGCO Pvc Pipe Cutter - Cibigi

INGCO Pvc Pipe Cutter

INCCO Tools / SGD Engineering


Unleash the powerful, high-leverage ratcheting action of the Ingco pvc pipe cutter on most non-metallic plumbing projects. Strength and durability ...

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INGCO Air Spray Paint Gun - Cibigi

INGCO Air Spray Paint Gun

INCCO Tools / SGD Engineering


Ideal spray gun with excellent sputtering technology for all industrial applications solvent based also suitable, for that water soluble, soft stic...

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INGCO Ratchet wrench - Cibigi

INGCO Ratchet wrench

INCCO Tools / SGD Engineering


This is an anti-slip hand-grip head driive Ratchet Wrench repair tools suitable for factories, production lines, workshops, garages, car shop, pers...

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Blue Chalk Line Reel

Blue Chalk Line Reel

Indira St Omer


Snap a straight line quickly and easily with this handy chalk line reel. The reel includes 100 ft. of line and 4 oz. of blue chalk for creating pe...

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INGCO Jig Saw 570W - Cibigi

INGCO Jig Saw 570W

INCCO Tools / SGD Engineering


This INGCO Jig Saw has a maximum cutting capacity of 65mm for wood and 8mm for steel. It is equipped with a 4-Step pendulum function. 

INGCO HCH80808 Claw Hammer - Cibigi

INGCO HCH80808 Claw Hammer

INCCO Tools / SGD Engineering


This INGCO Claw Hammer weighs 8oz and features a drop forged hammerhead (#45 carbon steel) and a sturdy fibreglass handle. 

INGCO Safety goggle - Cibigi

INGCO Safety goggle

INCCO Tools / SGD Engineering


Clear transparent safety goggles. Economical wrap around style. Wide visual field. Indoor and outdoor lenses. Provide reliable protection when work...

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INGCO Test Pencil - Cibigi

INGCO Test Pencil

INCCO Tools / SGD Engineering


Ingco test pencil is devoted to making professional quality tools affordable. That top quality refers to function, usability, efficiency, performan...

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